by Charlie Esson-Figee, founder of Studio at No. 11. Studio at No. 11 is a boutique interior design studio based in Rotterdam.

A new year brings an exciting new colour palette – each year paint companies and designers try to predict what might be popular for the year ahead in colour trends.

Here are my predictions of colours and combinations to watch out for in 2024. I can foresee a real divide in colours – they either get very earthy or very vivid.

The earthy tones and strong neutrals are new iterations of colours I’ve been using recently in my interior design projects. I’m looking forward to working with my clients to incorporate some of these in my interiors this year.

1. Earthy Greens

Approachable and muted greens aren’t going anywhere this year. These nature-inspired colours evoke a calming quality that most people find comforting, which explains why people continue to choose them for interiors.

Green always makes an appearance in my interiors in some form, but in 2024 greens will get deeper and earthier than ever.

A muted earthy green-brown tone – such as the Cardamon paint colour by Farrow and Ball’ will definitely be amongst the colours I choose this year.

Inspiration image by Farrow and Ball

2. Deep Rust

I’ve been firmly in love with aubergine and burgundy for my interiors for a while – now the colour will go one step further – to a deep reddish brown. Combine with soft pinks or warm ochre for a delicious combination.

Inspiration images: /

3. Strong Neutrals (with a hint of yellow)

It’s hard to describe exactly what colour this is (it changes from one paint company to the next) – and that’s exactly why I love it. This is an earthy yellow-toned neutral. It’s a brave choice, but a chameleon too, and it can be happily paired with earthy brown/greens or reds (above) for very different effects.

Choose this as your warm neutral and watch your space transform.

3 yellow-toned neutrals to inspire you: Cats Paw by Farrow and Ball, Bath Stone by Little Greene, Bracken Salts 2 by Dulux.

Inspiration images: Little Greene / Farrow and Ball

4. Bold Blues

Paint company Benjamin Moore revealed in October 2023 that one of their colours for 2024 would be ‘Blue Nova’ – is a mid-toned blue that balances the warm with the cool. Just as fashion is embracing lilac and purple tones, so too are interiors. With tones of violet this bright yet soothing blue would be incredible for a blue-themed boudoir or bold bathroom.

Inspiration images: Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

5. Peach Perfect

Amongst these heavy hitters, Pantone announced their Colour of the Year for 2024 as being the pretty ‘Peach Fuzz’ – an antidote to the earthy tones above.

Peach, amber or even a burnt orange can bring ease, comfort and connectivity to a space.

Here are a few of my favourites from that corner of the colour spectrum: Dutch Pink by Farrow and Ball, Sella by Mylands, Orange 03 by Lick.

Inspiration images: Mylands, Lick

Want even more colour inspiration? Have a look at my recent projects or take a look at my Instagram.